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Contact lens wear nowadays is comfortable, trouble-free and provides excellent vision, in many cases better than in spectacles.  To ensure that it stays that way, regular reviews with HENRY MORGAN Ophthalmic Opticians are essential.  


Annual reviews, or more frequently if necessary, determine that your lens system is still the best for your eyes and that the contact lenses continue to provide the best possible vision.  It is also your opportunity to discuss the latest innovations in research findings with your Professional.  


The tabloid press continually run scare stories about contact lenses, particularly when news and celebrity stories are in short supply.  Mostly these reports are ill-informed and inaccurate, and aftercare appointments present you with the opportunity to get a balanced, factual view of events.  


Regular aftercare appointments are essential to long term safe, comfortable contact lens wear.  This is deemed so important that the General Optical Council (Optometry’s regulatory body) consider it to be serious professional misconduct for an eyecare practitioner to re-supply contact lenses to a patient who has not attended for their routine scheduled aftercare appointment.

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Cosmetic Tips


Being a contact lens wearer does not mean giving up wearing eye make-up.


  • Make-up should be applied after lens insertion. Lenses should be removed before removing make-up


  • A fast-drying, fibre free mascara is recommended


  • Eye shadow in cream form or as a compact powder has been shown to be the best type for lens wearers


  • Liquid eye-liner can lead to some discolouration of soft contact lenses


  • Eye-colour pencil should not be applied directly on edge of lower eyelid better to apply on edge of lower eyelash


  • For removal of eye make-up, it is best to use a rich eye make-up remover or water-soluble cleaning emulsions


  • Hand creams, sunscreens and nail polish remover should not be allowed to come into direct contact with the lenses; they can penetrate the lens


  • Care should be used when applying deodorant spray, hair spray, perfume, etc. Aerosols should be avoided when lens case or lens care bottles are standing open. Eyes should be closed when spraying!


  • In an incident: Contamination from cosmetics should be treated with contact lens cleaning solutions only

When to remove your lenses


  • If the lenses feel uncomfortable, remove them. If the discomfort continues after lens removal, contact your optician immediately.


  • Always remove lenses if you are feeling unwell, eg. cold or flu.


  • Always remove lenses before swimming unless you are wearing goggles.




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