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Full standard eye examinations,

NHS and Private. 


The standard routine eye examination is tailored to the specific needs of the patient, taking into account their age, symptoms and family history. During the course of the full routine eye examination further additional procedures may be indicated. This will allow a more correct diagnosis and better management plan to be offered and agreed with the patient.

Specialist examinations (additional charges)


• Retinal imaging (non-dilated)


• Diabetic retinopathy screening (dilated)


• Glaucoma investigation (Goldmann tonometry + full threshold visual field analysis)


• Laser scanning polarimetry, GDX  (Retinal nerve fibre density analysis)


• Contact lens assessment and fitting


• DVLA visual field examinations


• In-depth binocular vision assessment (recommended for patients who suspect they may be Dyslexic)


• Colourimetry (Meares-Irlen syndrome)


• Laser refractive surgery assessment


The full routine eye examination includes:-


• History and symptoms


• Visual acuity


• Binocular function


• Extra ocular muscle function


• Visual fields – Central and Peripheral


• Intraocular Pressure (non-contact)


• Direct Ophthalmoscopy


• Anterior chamber assessment


• Pupil reactions


• Colour vision assessment


• Objective and subjective refraction


• Binocular function with the new refractive findings (prescription)


• Discussion of findings and recommendations

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