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contact lenses

Benefits included with disposable lenses paid

for by standing order


•   Unlimited contact lens

    aftercare consultations free

    of charge


•   Unlimited free replacement

   lenses  (if necessitated by loss

   or damage)


•   10% discount off sunglasses,

   swimming goggles and

   prescription spectacles


•   Unlimited supply of contact

   lens solutions


•   Free trial of new contact



•   Free spare lenses



Henry Morgan Opticians can supply and fit contact lenses to suit almost all individuals.  


Advances in technology mean contact lenses have never been so comfortable to wear, so cost effective and so ideal for such a wide range of patients’ prescriptions.


There has never been a better time to discover if contact lenses can benefit you.


Everybody has different requirements and the type of contact lens that will suit you may depend on many factors; your prescription, how often you want to wear them, what they will be worn for, how much you want to spend, etc. Because we are not tied to one contact lens manufacturer we can fit you with the lenses that are best for you.


If your interested in contact lenses book an appointment for a full clinical assessment and discuss your requirements with our very experienced consultants.

Make an appointment to visit our

optometrists and see if we can change the way you see your world!

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