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Disposable lenses are best value when paid for by standing order, however alternative methods of supply and payment are available on request.


Silicone Hydrogel

- from £22.50 per month


Silicone Hydrogel lenses are the latest development in soft contact lens materials. Advantages of silicone hydrogel lenses over conventional soft lenses include: more resistance to deposits, less drying of the lenses, lower risk of eye infection, easier handling, healthier whiter eyes and overall much lower incidence of complications.


Soft Lenses

- from £15.00 per month


Soft contact lenses are made of a unique plastic material that combines with water to become soft and bio-compatible.


Many soft contact lenses also provide UV protection.


Today most soft contact lenses are worn using a disposable wear schedule of either one day or one month (depending on the lens type). Regularly having a fresh pair of soft contact lenses means less chance of eye infection, less cleaning, and greater comfort.


Lenses for Astigmatism 

- from £25.00 per month


The majority of us have some degree of astigmatism.  This is a particular type of focusing defect that requires a special toric lens to correct it.


Previously you may have been told that contact lenses were not available to correct your astigmatism. However every day the range of toric lenses is increasing so that most people can now be successfully fitted with disposable soft lenses.  


If you thought you couldn’t be fitted with contact lenses because of your astigmatism please ask us again – we might be able to now!


Contact lenses for Sports. 

Daily disposables from £26.00 per month


Freedom from spectacles equals freedom in movement.  Contact lenses provide unbeatable field of vision - a benefit to all people but in particular sportsmen and women.  


You may not feel the need to wear contact lenses as a ‘full time’ wearer but there is no denying that, for sports, contact lenses should be seriously considered.  



Contact lenses for the over 40’s 

Bifocal contact lenses from £30.00 per month  


As you head into the 40’s you find that although distance vision is as good as ever  reading and close work is not as clear as it once was –  this is called presbyopia and it is the natural ageing of

the eye.


You may have tried bifocal or varifocal spectacle lenses or perhaps you are wearing two separate pairs of spectacles to overcome the effect of presbyopia.  


There are many ways in which your visual needs can be fulfilled with contact lenses.  Come and discuss the full range of contact lens options with our eye care professionals.



Contact lenses for children

There is no definitive age of when a person is old enough to wear contact lenses – a lot will depend on the maturity of the child and the parents’ responsibility to monitor use.  

Make an appointment to visit our optometrists and see if we can change the way you see your world!

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