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Ortho-K is a revolutionary contact lens technique that

subtly modifies the curvature of the front of your eye

(the cornea) while you sleep and corrects your

short sight.  The technique is well established in

Europe, the USA and in Asia, and is safe and

reversible.  The most exciting recent discovery is

that this Ortho-K technique can bring the

development of myopia in young

people TO A HALT.


The Ortho-K technique involves placing

gas-permeable hard (GPH) lenses onto

the eye just before you go to bed,

and removing them when you

wake up. The precision

designed GPH lenses

will gently manipulate

the corneal shape


allowing you

to enjoy clear,

comfortable vision

all day without the day to day worries

of wearing contact lenses.


What does it cost?


The fee for assessment, fitting and fitting trial, (which includes all appointments and lenses required to achieve a conclusive outcome), is £60.00 (this is non-refundable).  When the fitting has been successfully completed the first pair of lenses are supplied at a cost of £40.00. Ortho-K requires ongoing care and monitoring and our care programme, for a monthly fee of only £35.00, is totally comprehensive.


The Ortho-K care scheme includes all contact lens aftercare appointment fees, brand new lenses every six months, low cost replacement lenses (if required because of loss or damage) at £45.00 per lens, all adjustments and upgrades of prescriptions and fittings as clinically necessary, all contact lenses and contact lens cases and a 20% discount on spectacles, sunglasses and accessories.





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