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tips for AMD patients

Tips for AMD patients


If you’ve been diagnosed with AMD, making a few simple lifestyle changes could have a positive impact on the health of your retina.


•   Monitor your vision daily with an Amsler grid.  By checking      

your vision regularly, changes that may require treatment can be detected early.  


•   Take a multi-vitamin with zinc. (Check with your Optometrist for a recommendation).  Antioxidants, along with zinc and lutein are essential nutrients, all found in the retina.  It is believed that people with AMD may be deficient in these nutrients.  


•   Incorporate dark leafy green vegetables into your diet.  These include spinach, collard greens, kale and turnip greens.  


•   Always protect your eyes with sunglasses that have UV protection.  Ultraviolet rays are believed to cause damage to the pigment cells in the retina.  


•   Quit smoking.  Smoking impairs the body’s circulation, decreasing the efficiency of the retinal blood vessels.


•   Exercise regularly.  Cardiovascular exercise improves the body’s overall health and increases the efficiency of the circulatory system.  



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